September 22, 2018. Spectacular Road Riding!

Join us September 22, 2018 for some of the best riding
norther New Mexico has to offer.


Link to Flyer


Benefits Taos Sports Alliance; bringing sporting activities to the youth of Taos county.

No USAC racing or one-day license is required for this event. 

Check out the illustrated GFTMAF poem below!

September twenty two

the beauty of the day will be up for review.


Eight AM is the time to bid adieu

and begin the journey to Sipapu.


A stunning valley will bring you through

to summit @ Holman Hill; highest point of the day, fantastic view.


Then plunge down, down, down to Mora, while looking to

Highway 434, which has steep hills, it’s true.


But the 434 also boasts Guadalupita and Angle Fire venues

which will be stocked with water, food and goo, just for you.


Summit Palo Flechado Pass, feeling that was more than Category two!

then onward towards Taos throwing off the elevation, so difficult to accrue.


Fifteen miles on, don’t miss the clue

for Highway 585, the finishing avenue.


Later, head to Taos Mesa Brewing for a brew, and something to chew

for cyclists, and their friends too.

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I have been riding a bicycle throughout New Mexico and the US for over 30 years. Drawn into advocacy for safer cycling after my long time cycling friend Paula Higgins was killed by a driver in 2006, my efforts have grown and expanded since that time. Join me in working towards safer streets and highways for all New Mexico road users.