Dan Montoya

Out on his twice weekly lunchtime ride, Dan Montoya, 53, was nearing the crest of the climb up Tramway Blvd. east bound from his office at Honeywell. Bruce Wickensburg, 78, was driving his white Chevrolet passenger car westbound on Tramway on this same fine spring Thursday, May 12, 2011.

Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department Traffic Investigator Leonard Armijo said in concluding his report:

Based upon the crash investigation completed at the scene, road evidence, debris, as well as the oral interview it is this investigators findings that the driver of the motor vehicle, Mr. Bruce Wickensburg, failed to maintain his traffic lane he drove left of center and onto the shoulder of Tramway Blvd. crashing into the bicyclist (Daniel R. Montoya) which resulted in his fatal injuries. Therefore Mr. Wickensburg was found to be at fault for the crash which resulted in Mr. Montoya’s death.

The Office of the District Attorney for the Second Judicial District here in Bernalillo County has said that although the case does not fit the Homicide by Vehicle (DUI or Reckless) we will precede with Careless Driving charges against Bruce Wickensburg.


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