Ghost Bikes

The Duke City Wheelmen Foundation was started in 2010 to serve as a home for the ghost bike installation efforts of Jennifer Buntz and Steve Mathias. Ghost bikes are a type of descanso, or road side memorial, placed to commemorate someone who has died. In the case of ghost bikes, the individual has died while cycling – typically due to a crash with a motor vehicle. To date we have placed over 20 ghost bikes (links below or on the maps) and developed an extensive network of helpful volunteers in the process.

Ghost Bike Maps: Albuquerque

Heather Reu   Roy Sekreta   Paula Higgins   James Quinn   David Anderson   Dan Potts

John Anczarski   Michael Martino   John Dunn   David Sciera   Amy Jobe

Timothy Vollman   Dan Montoya   Matt Trujillo   Johhny Mondragon   Chris Ore

Scott “Dwane” Lane   Bill Anderson   John “Shorty” Garcia   Robert Anthony Sanchez, Sr.

Hailey Nicole Ratliff      Javier “Javi” Garcia

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