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At the ceremony to dedicate a ghost bike for Rosanna Breuninger on March 30, 2024, the sense of loss was coupled to a palpable frustration. Why? Because who struck Rosanna, inflicting the injuries that eventually led to her death, is unknown.

Family and friends who gathered together to honor Rosanna were also asking for help in understanding what happened on July 22, 2023. Specifically, the identity of the hit and run driver remains unknown

KRQE reported on the ghost bike dedication.

Information that might help Rosanna’s family and friends understand what happened is vital. If you or someone you know has even the smallest tip that might help unravel the events of that night, July 22, 2023, please reach out. It will mean the world to her family and many, many friends.

Email <dukecitywheelmen at gmail dot com>

The hit and run happened on 12th Street, between Los Arboles Ave and Cordova Ave NW

Initaly, APD was more involved in the investigation. However with no new information coming in, the inquires have slowed. The family’s plea is for new information that will move the case forward.

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